Wednesday, February 23, 2011


This weekend we went on a snowmobile trip with some friends of ours.  We had a wonderful time.  Saturday was a little snowy, but Monday was good for the most part.  Brooklynn kept calling our friends the "cousins".  It was hysterical.  

Brennan and Calvin ruled the mountain on their snowboards.

 A mommy-daughter picture.   (look at all that snow)
 Will pulling Brookie on a sled.  She was a trooper in the cold weather.
We also met some friends on Monday.  Ashlyn spent the day playing in the snow with these two lovely ladies.  She wouldn't even stop for lunch.  It was blast.  We can't wait to head back up to the hills.


  1. Looks like fun! I love the photo of Brooklynn. She is so cute:)

  2. Cool! Great memories for your family. Glad you're having a blast raising your kids.

    Thank you for helping Tony the way you did. It really touched me, and I'm sure it touched him too.

    We love you lots,