Wednesday, February 23, 2011


This weekend we went on a snowmobile trip with some friends of ours.  We had a wonderful time.  Saturday was a little snowy, but Monday was good for the most part.  Brooklynn kept calling our friends the "cousins".  It was hysterical.  

Brennan and Calvin ruled the mountain on their snowboards.

 A mommy-daughter picture.   (look at all that snow)
 Will pulling Brookie on a sled.  She was a trooper in the cold weather.
We also met some friends on Monday.  Ashlyn spent the day playing in the snow with these two lovely ladies.  She wouldn't even stop for lunch.  It was blast.  We can't wait to head back up to the hills.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Playing around

For Christmas this year (and Valentines) my sweet hubby got me a Mac computer.  My other laptop had gone to that big scrap pile in the sky.    We picked the computer up on Saturday night before a romantic dinner at Market Street Grill.  Brooklynn and Emily were both sick yesterday, so I had to stay home 
from church with them.  We tried out the computer, and played with the photo booth feature.  It was fun, and entertained Brooklynn for a while.    I'm still learning all the in's and out's of my Mac, but I'm already in love.  When I get a second, I'll post about Friday night.....  One of the best night's I've had in a long time!!

Ahhh, my very handsome boys!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Well, it's about time!

After five months, (okay, one week short of five months) my sweet little Emily FINALLY spent the night in her cradle.   Well, I guess technically, she has slept in her cradle every night, she just had to be layingin her car seat, and then we would put her car seat in the cradle.  The Dr. totally discouraged it, and said it wasn't good for her back.  He suggested that we move her out of her car seat by 2 months.  Emily didn't listen to the doctor.

But....  last night she slept in her cradle car seat free all night!!  Sure, she had her 5:00 feeding (or maybe it was 5:30, it's all a blur that time of the morning) but she went right back to sleep and stayed asleep in her cradle.  We are crossing our fingers for a repeat performance.