Sunday, September 2, 2012

Our Summer in a Nutshell

 McKinley finished up her Lacrosse season, and we had a party for the team.  It was a great season, and we have some awesome players on the team.  They are a fun group of girls.  It was McKinley's second year of lacrosse, and she played goalie.  We had never even seen a lacrosse game before she started, so it has been a totally new thing for our family.  Luckily, McKinley picks the the rules and such much faster than her mom.
 Conner went to BYU's summer music festival.  He spent a week down there again, for his second year.  He had a blast and learned lots of  great things, and made lots of new friends.
 McKinley made the Utah Lacrosse Team, and went to play in the ESPN nationals tournament in Orlando, Florida.  It felt totally strange sending my daughter across the country with her team, but she totally loved it.
 Will and I got to help with the youth conference for our ward this August.  We helped with the games, and it was a blast.  Will is usually the one called to help with the youth, so it was a treat for me to go with him this time.  Luckily we didn't have to be in charge of the Leadership Reaction Course that they did here.  I couldn't believe what our kids did.  They were amazing!  McKinley  is standing on the thingy here.
 Conner is here in the grey shirt helping the kids get down off the wall.  His group did really well.
 Brennan's team played in the Summer Championship tournament this August.  They played really well and won the whole sha-bang!  The team has awesome coaches, and great players.  The boys really wanted this.
 Here is Brennan with the championship t-shirt and trophy.  He was so happy he even posed for a picture for me.
Well that is a quick overview.  Will and I went on a New England and Canada cruise in June, that I will post soon if I have time.   Right now we are all getting ready for school to start.  The kids are going  to have a heck of a time getting up early, as we have really been bad the last few weeks.